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FM-206 Solder Station

Hakko FM-206 Solder Products

The Hakko FM-206 3-Port Rework Station can power any Hakko FM Series handpiece, thus offering the ability for you to tailor the station to fit your specific rework needs. The station's sleek, compact design minimizes loss of bench space and its powerful ports allow the use of the Hakko FM-2029 single hot air handpiece, and the Hakko FM-2030 heavy duty soldering iron, making this the ultimate soldering desoldering station. This station meets or exceeds ANSI J-STD-001.

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Kester NXG33 Lead-Free Solder Paste

Kester NXG33 Lead-Free Solder Products

Kester NXG33 is designed to exceed customers’ expectations for high yield lead-free manufacturing. NXG33 is engineered for the high thermal demands of assembling with lead-free alloys. Joints are cosmetically as bright as SnPb joints. Prints down to 01005 pad sites. Designed to be reflowable in air as well as nitrogen. Post soldering, this Kester solder paste offers minimized defects, including head-in-pillow and QFN/BGA voiding.

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